Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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EB Swag at Cafepress

CafepressWe have had numerous requests over the last few years for EB art and designs on shirts and other items and we have finally decided to make our online EB Store at Cafepress available to the public. It is a simple store so we can only have one design per item, but we are willing to swap out logos so that you can get the shirt style with the design you want. We will have to initiate a "first come, first served" approach though. (Explained below.)

Please understand that while we can change designs on items, that we don't have time to make up new ones that aren't shown below and that we also have no control over the price (in terms of reducing it) or shipping and handling costs. We basically just supply the logos and control what items are available from the CafePress stock. We can't make them any cheaper and we have zero influence with any shipping or ordering problems. We aren't making any money off of it either. Zero. Zilch. Nada. They are all available to you at the base cost CafePress offers them. Once more: we are not profiting from this in any way whatsoever, not even for our server costs. So if you want to show your (financial) support for EB, please do so here.

Available Art
In terms of the shirts available, or other similar items, you can ask for the following designs on them (unit art by Caratacos and Discoskull). For mousepads there are two additional choices as seen in the first EB Swag picture on this page.

Very important: If you are certain that you want to order one of the shirts, you can state here which design you want (even if it is the current one). This way we will change or leave the logo on that item for 48 hours while you order it and it is processed. Then after two days, if someone else wants that item with a different design we'll change it. It's a slow process, but unless we pay for an upgrade at CafePress, it's the best we can offer for now. We'd rather use that money to help with server costs anyway. So please do not ask us to change an item logo unless you are absolutely certain you are going to order it as soon as we change it. If you have to wait to order it, just wait on asking us to change the logo.

Also note that nothing we are making available here has any RTW or TotalWar graphics, text, or copyrighted material. This is all original EB art.

We would also like to keep an album here of shots of you wearing your EB shirts or with your EB swag, so please posts pics of you once you get them!