Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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Community Awards Won

TWC Modder Awards: 2005, Q1 & Q2 2006

Team Awards:
Most Promising Mod/Best Mod/Best RTW Era Mod
2005, Q1 & Q2 2006

Best Modding Team
2005, Q1 & Q2 2006

Best Gameplay and Aesthetics
Q2 2006

Best Map
Q1 2006

Individual Awards to EB Members:
Best Coder/Scripting
Vercingetorix (2005, Q1 2006), Epistolary Richard Q2 2006

Best Modder
lt1956 (2005), Vercingetorix (Q1 2006)

Best Skinner
Prometheus (2005, Q1 2006), Spartan Warrior (Q2 2006)

Best Historian
Ranika (Q1 2006)

The Org HoF Awards 2005:

Most Promising Mod

Individual Awards to EB Members:
Best Artist (Hon. Mention):

Outstanding RTW Modder (Hon. Mention):
[cF] Adherbal

Best Mod Tool Creator:

Outstanding Member