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Here's a list of links of different categories for you that is relative to Europa Barbarorum, Rome: Total War and the time period's history.
Europa Barbarorum takes no responsibility for the content on other websites. And remember that the best sources on history are in books!!

If you have/know any sites that you think should be in one of the Links-categories then you can drop an e-mail to us.

Rome:Total War Community - The official Total War-series website - One of the most popular fansites!!
TotalWar Center - Another of the most popular fansites!!

Rome:Total War MOD Projects

The Lordz - Creators of Napoleonic: Total War
Chivalry:Total War - A MOD for the high medieval time period
Rome Total Realism - A MOD that focuses on realism!
Hegemonia: TW - A MOD that focuses on the Greek history of the Persian Wars

Armies, Tactics & Warriors - Website dedicated to the Roman Army
Military Use of Elephants in the Greek and Roman Period
Greek Hoplite Warfare
Parthian Army - Short overview of Parthian military tactics
Siege of Syracuse - The siege of Syracuse shown with texts from the classical authors
Ancient Celtic Warriors - La Tene Culture - Page with info on the Celtic warriors
The Roman Army - A brief overview of the Roman army
The Roman Army page - Sander van Dorst site on the roman army, the only place in the web where Arrian's Array Against the Alans can be found

Weaponry & Equipment:

Ancient Composite Bows
Classical Greek Shield Patterns
Repeating Catapult
Celtic Chariots
Scythian Bows
Elements of Roman fighting: Sword or Spear? - Analysis on what Roman Legionaries used - An entire website dedicated just to the sling!
The bow and arrow - ancient weapon in modern times - Article on one of the most used weapons in history
Roman Military Equipment - Weapons - Gladius, Spatha
Roman Weapons - A small guide to different Roman weaponry
Siege Artillery of all Types - Images of different types of artillery pieces
Explore a Celtic Warrior - Interactive page with info regarding Celtic equipment


Ptolemy V Epiphanes - Coin showing the fifth Macedonian Pharaoh
Carthaginian Coinage - Coins from Zeugitania
Ancient Coins of Scythia
Celtic Warriors - Page showing coins of Celtic warriors

Historical Information Sites

Wikipedia - A free-content encyclopedia. Surprisingly good.
The Roman Empire - The leading web-resource of ancient Rome - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia - Website with much information on Parthia - Website containing a wealth of information regarding Celts
e-Keltoi - Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology - Enormous amount of information
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography - Useful resource, but somewhat dated
Diotima - Women & Gender in the ancient world
Arabia before Islam - Ancient accounts of Arabia
The Ancient Mediterranean and India - Many accounts on ancient India
The Ancient City of Athens
Ancient Roman Technology
Weapons & Rites of the Iberians - (Spanish)
Ostia - A website dedicated to the harbour of Rome.
Italy. Three millenia of history and culture
Classics Links
Ancient History in the Movies
Martyrdom of Man - Brief histories about ancient people
Nubia - Page with info about the Nubians
British Celtic Tribes - Interactive page showing where the celtic tribes lived
Celtic Tribes of Europe List
Trajan's Column - Pages with information regarding the column
Lacus Curtius - Great site with douzends of ancient sources about roman history

Ancient Authors & Literature - Greek and Roman history 320 - 54 B.C.
Forum Romanum - Online Resource for Roman texts
Livius - Wealth of information regarding ancient history
The Online Medieval and Classical Library - A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.
Perseus Digital Library - Contains a wealth of information on the classical times
Internet History Sourcebook Projects - Good collection of old historical texts

Famous Persons:

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (236-184) - Lots of info on the only general who defeated Hannibal
Viriato: Warrior-Chieftain of the Lusitans - Page dedicated to the Lusitanian hero

Religion & Mythology

Mythography - Exploring Greek, Roman, and Celtic Mythology and Art
Religio Romana - Calendar of Holidays and Festivals
Religion,Rite & Ritual during the Peninsular Proto-History - The religious phenomenon in Iberian culture.Spanish
Paganism and Christianity in Spain - Before the Council of Elvira

Languages of Antiquity

Iberian Epigraphy Page - Information on Iberian languages
Epigraphik Datenbank - Extensive database with Roman inscriptions from all parts of the empire (completly in latin).German


Ancient World Map Center
Historical Atlas Resouce - Europe
Roman Maps
Index of Cartographic Images - Illustrating maps from the Ancient Period
Ethnographic Map of Pre-Roman Iberia - Tribal groups in Iberia around 200 BC. Image text in Spanish.
Map of Post-Roman Britain - Showing the geopolitical layout after the Roman legions left.
Tabula Peutingeriana - Late Roman road map showing the roads and distances across the Roman Empire
Map of the Roman Empire - The empire at its greatest extent. Third century AD

Image Galleries

Classical Greek Militay - Images of classical Greek military units & technology
Heathen Symbols Menu - Site containing Celtic & Germanic symbols & motiffs
Celtic Art and Cultures - Good site containing wealth of info and images on the Celts
Augustus: Images of Power - Images of means the first true Roman emperor used to project his glory
Dacia Virtual Museum - Images of Getai statues and art