Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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EB Full-Install MOD (Windows version)

This is the Installation of the latest EB build.
1. Ensure that you have a clean installation of RTW 1.5.
EB does make use of the -mod command, but we still recommend a separate installation for EB.

2. Download both EB 1.1 and 1.2 from one the links below, preferably one near to your location.
To help save bandwidth, please consider using BitTorrent, as it can give much better download speeds than the servers.

3. When download is complete, double-click the .exe file and follow the install instructions.

The installer might take some time to install, but this is due to the heavy compression and most imporantly the error checking included.

Visit our Technical Support Forum if you require further assistance.

Updates & Addons can be found in the Patches link to the left.

Europa Barbarorum 1.2 Patch  21 nov 2008
EB12.exe - 108MB

The Org

Europa Barbarorum v1.1 Full Install  7th April 2008
EB1.1.exe - 786 MB

The Org

EB Full-Install MOD (Mac OSX version)

Thanks to the kind work of a Feral Employee, the mod is now available repackaged in a Mac OSX friendly format. This version of the mod differs in several ways from the Windows version:

  1. It bundles EB 1.1 and EB 1.2 together with a few of the fixes released since EB 1.2: it can be considered a 1.3 version of sorts. A single download should be all you need.
  2. It requires the Mac OSX version of Rome: Total War (by Feral Interactive) to play. It will not run on Windows.
  3. It is packaged using the DMG package format, rather than a Widows installer; so you can install it on the Mac as you would do with other software.

To install Europa Barbarorum on your Mac there are two Mac OSX packages available. People who know how to install mods for Rome: Total War on the Mac manually only need to download the data files (the mod itself). People who do not, will also want to download the Mod setup package which contains a program to install mods for Rome: Total War on the Mac. Please note that neither package was created by the Europa Barbarorum Team, and that we will be unable to provide technical support with installing these packages.

Mod setup package
Europa Barbarorum data files

Known issues: video files (e.g faction intros) created for the mod may not work (correctly or at all). This is being workd on and may be fixed in a later update. Please report bugs and fixes (if you have them) in the Mac OSX packages to "Edwin@Feral" here.

Since this version of the mod was not put together by the Europa Barbarorum team itself, we are not able to provide technical support for this version of the mod when it comes to Mac OSX related problems or questions. Of course we can still provide support for purely mod-related questions and problems such as "what do I need to do to achieve the Marian reforms playing as the Romans?".

Related to this you may find the following reference links useful:

Europa Barbarorum v1.0 Full Install  11th October 2007
EB10.exe - 637 MB

Almost 94000 downloads of EB v1.0 were recorded within the 6 months of its release!

Europa Barbarorum v0.8x Series  5 December 2006 to 11 October 2007
EB08_setup.exe - 354.5 MB to EB081aFinal.exe - 366 MB

In the 2 and a half month period that EB v0.80 was the official release, we tracked over 35000 downloads. From February 2007, it was replaced by various versions in the v0.81 branch. In the intervening 8 months, nearly 100,000 downloads of the 0.81x series were tracked!