Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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Donation Disclaimer

The Europa Barbarorum project is a modification of Rome: Total War and is provided free of charge for anyone who wishes to download and play it. This was the intention from its inception and will of course remain so in perpetuity.

However, in the last few months, Vercingetorix (one of our most esteemed Members) has purchased web hosting and a dedicated server to help us develop the project and to assist in distributing the fruits of our labours to the community. The cost of maintaining these resources has been thus far been paid out of his own pocket. However, the EB team has decided after some debate (and clarification from CA and Sega) to add a Donations button to help Vercingetorix pay for the resources he has put at our (and your) disposal.

Any donations will strictly go for server maintenance and for paying for any excess bandwidth used. If the required amount has been met, the Donations button will be removed. You can keep an eye on progress of donations at our Donations Chart, which will be regularly updated.

The EB team thanks you for your generous support.