Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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This is the campaign strategy map. The Europa Barbarorum campaign encompasses almost all of Europe, most of North Africa and all of Western and Central Asia as well as a small part of India.

Europa Barbarorum has more provinces than Rome: Total War, and the province borders have been made as historically accurate as possible. Province names are in gold with black shadow, while the settlement names are in black with golden highlights.

The geographical features, such as mountains, rivers and lakes have also been researched and are, to our knowledge, historically accurate. Some of these features might seem out of place, but like nations, geography can also change and some features that do not exist today did exist 2000 years ago.

The borders of all 19 of EB's factions are shown on the map, and the factions' capital cities are indicated by their faction symbols - for example, the Romani faction symbol is on the spot where Rome is, as Rome is the Romani capital at the start of the game.