Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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to the Europa Barbarorum website! Europa Barbarorum is a modification of Rome: Total WarTM, a game by The Creative Assembly, that is motivated by the desire to provide Rome: Total War players with a more fun, challenging, realistic, and historically accurate gaming experience. Europa Barbarorum is a total conversion modification (mod), though it covers roughly the same time period as the Imperial Campaign included with Rome: Total War.

To download the mod right away, click here. Otherwise you can find information on most aspects of the mod by using the top menu above.

Contrary to popular opinion, Europa Barbarorum is not solely focused on barbarian factions (though the name was derived from the roots of the project when our desire was to portray barbarians more accurately). Europa Barbarorum goes to great lengths to portray all factions correctly, including Rome.

The Europa Barbarorum project started in January 2004 as a team with the intent of informing The Creative Assembly about the historical nature of the "barbarian" factions in Rome: TW. Our aim was to gather as large an amount of historical information as we could and pass it on to the Creative Assembly, prior to R:TW's release, in order for their portrayal of the "barbarian" factions in the game to be more accurate.

Later, the team expanded their aim to also correcting the ahistorical representation of Egypt, and several other aspects concerning other factions. As it became clear that CA would not use this sort of information in R:TW, the group decided to transform the project into a modification. Our effort has grown from this starting point to become what is possibly the largest R:TW mod project in development.

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25th August 2014

EB2 first release! Download it today!

8th September 2010

Mac OSX fans: a Feral Interactive employee and fan of Europa Barbarorum has put together a Mac OSX version of the Europa Barbarorum mod and released it to the world. Check it out.

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