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An Introduction to the Traits and Ancillaries System

The Traits and Ancillaries system for Europa Barbarorum attempts to increase the level of historical immersion experienced by the player: to make the player feel like they are really in the Ancient World and controlling their faction's rulers. To accomplish this, a new system was developed, where each general has a set of 3 Ability stats and 3 Personality stats, similar to the system that be found in a role-playing game. The three Ability Traits are Intelligence, Charisma, and Vitality; and the three Personality Traits are Selflessness, Temperament, and Loyalty. These 6 primary traits are the backbone of the EB system, and they affect the acquisition of many of the other traits and ancillaries.

Numerous other traits have been added, such as two Command-boosting Trait Trees to better represent leadership and tactical ability. Many traits specific to certain factions or cultures have also been added, with unique names, descriptions, and effects.

Major Features of the Traits and Ancillaries System:

- Faction Leaders have been worked on, and several factions (the Hellenistic factions, Aedui, Arverni, Cassi and Sweboz) have offices and nobility similar to the Roman Cursus Honorum (which has been reimplemented, even though the Senate no longer exists as a playable faction). Several new traits specific to a single faction or a group of factions have been implemented.

- There are now four seasons which have various effects on army movement and sometimes on the health of generals.

- Missions for some factions - for example, the Sweboz faction leader can "unite the tribes", and Seleukid and Makedonian generals can recover the body of Megas Alexandros.

- Detailed, historically accurate procedures and goals for attaining a Roman Triumph the most hardworking and successful Roman generals.

- Greek traits based on the "Characters" of Theophrastos (an Athenian philosopher who died just a few years before our game's start date).

- Roman traits partially based on the moral tales of Valerius Maximus.

- More 'historical' Historical Ancillaries, some of whom have detailed in-game biographies, and who can be limited to specific settlements.

- Ancillaries may 'teach' their masters certain traits, or cause them to acquire certain traits.

- Starting generals given biographies and accurate traits, where there is enough historical evidence.

This Powerpoint presentation provides a quick introduction to the Europa Barbarorum Traits and Ancillaries system. It covers the various primary traits, and answers a few common questions.

This generated documentation in HTML format, lists almost every Trait, Ancillary and trigger, and is for someone who wants to dive deeply into the system, for purposes of understanding exactly what is going on, or for the purposes of modding. It consists of several sections, which are self-explanatory, for the most part:

- The Ancillaries page lists each Ancillary and the effects having them in a general's retinue has.

- The Effects page lists the various attributes that can be affected by traits and ancillaries, and contains a description of their game effects, and links pointing to research on these attributes.

- The Trait Relationships page is very useful. Each trait has two sections, "Condition" and "Affected". Under "Condition" is a list of triggers that have that trait as a condition somehow. Under "Affected" is a list of triggers that add points to that trait. You can click on the trigger name and will be taken to documentation on that trigger.

- The Traits page lists each trait and its effects.

- The Triggers page lists the details of the trigger, such as what level of trait is required in any conditions, and what the chance of affecting a trait is, and how many points towards next level will be awarded.