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Koinon Hellenon

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Verrix, great king, god-king, and rightful master of all the world, your people salute you. You are Arvernos in the flesh. The elections organized by the under-kings and popular assembly of warriors, and the tribal elections, have revealed the true Verrix. The Aedui assemble against us in rebellion. The Germanic tribes impose their will on what are rightfully our lands. We are the rightful rulers of the Gauls. No other concern should plague us, but their utter annihilation, and the subsequent protection of your properties against the incursions of the Germanic tribesmen. As your advisor, I will help you how I can. Do not be afraid; you are a god made flesh. Every ally is a puppet; a means to an end. Only you can bring true peace, justice, and proper rule to Gaul. Nothing else matters but this, except, possibly, the great wealth we will recieve. The Aedui are too weak, and they have no manner of control. They have little way to defend this land, and the tribes will see that our strength is a boon; what good are the Aedui if they cannot defend these people? When the Aedui are broken, Gaul will be ours.

The Aedui are the true threat, however, and they still have fight in them. Their armies are essentially identical to ours. We have no great advantage to press, and they have no great disadvantage for us to manipulate. We need land, we need obedient tribes, and we need allies. We will set them all upon the Aedui and destroy them, and Gaul will belong to its rightful rulers. Subsequent conquest of the Belgae, and maybe Britain can be followed upon, or conquering the Romans, or the eastern lands. We have brave warriors, in vast number, with good weapons, good shields, and good leaders. The Aedui are likewise, and are quite vicious. Their defeat will not come easily. We will need to conquer the free tribes for greater numbers, and perhaps the Noricenes; we'll use their great and unique warriors to give us an advantage over the enemy. After they are subverted, we can go anywhere. Few around Gaul would provide more than a slight problem to our path. Many are ambitious, but their own problems will consume their soldiers; of course, the Aedui will consume ours as well. That is why allies are important. They weaken the foe, we levy the final blow. When our allies are sufficiently weakened, we incorporate them as well among the allies under the direct control of the assembly, and, thereby, under your control by proxy. The southern peninsula produces brave soldiers, and is fertile. Such an acquisition would benifit us. Some Gauls have successfully carved out kingdoms in the east; we can follow their path, or perhaps attempt to their original goal, and conquer Greece. If any problems present themselves before we can all of Gaul though, we may have to seek temporary peace with them. Irregardless, expansion into the rest of the world is clearly possible. The way has been paved and proven. With a larger concerted effort, the conquest of the east can be quite total. There is another road; into Iberia. The conflict with the Iberian tribes, if we control Gaul, will be hard still, but possible. They are tenacious and unwilling to relent, but not invincible. I would more fear the Carthaginian allies and associates with whom they deal. They control substantial territories, and aide they'd send would be quite threatening. A direct conflict with Carthage can be won, but they are rich, and can finance a large army. Cutting off their fleets will be hard, they are powerful in their navy. We would need the Veneti, and it is doubtful we could muster enough to successfully blockade them. A direct invasion of Carthage would be costly, but almost necessary, unless their relations with the Iberians collapse, to successfully conquer the Iberians. The Romans are ambitious, and harbor resentment for us, but they do not appear, at the time, to be a great threat, but waiting for them to become one is probably ill-advised. The Belgae and Bononae report the incursions of the Germanic tribes, and they set themselves against us. They want Gaul for themselves. We can perhaps turn them against the Aedui, and bide our time.

Gaul has only one rightful ruler. There is only one Verrix. You, and the subsequent Verrix, need an empire, and it will only be had at the end of a sword. You were elected, because you are divine. The selection of the Verrix is never a mistake. You are most capable to lead us; the most brave, most cunning, most fierce, and most sound leader among us. There can be no other true leader of the Gauls, and you are the proper master of all the world. The end result of all of our conquest should be the goal of a great empire, exemplifying our culture, and the divine rule of the laws. Our destiny hangs by a thread. You are the Verrix, but you are not invincible. Do not act rashly, and try to conduct your wars without over-confidence. Even a seemingly beaten enemy sometimes has a final option. Don't give in to pessimism though. The situation is quite bright, and victory is wholely possible. You are the high king, and rightful master of Gaul. Every conquest begins with the most simple actions. Everything seems so simple when it's planned, but you are here to put plan to action, and take what is rightfully ours. We will take it all, and the wealth of Gaul will belong to us.