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Makedonia. A land of contradictions. A land of soft, rolling lowland and rough, heavily forested highland. A land famed both for its horses and its men. The land whence Philippos and Alexandros marched and made the world tremble in awe. It is a land of endless possibilities, but that knowledge is also known outside of its boundaries.

Whatever the case be, you are the one that controls Makedonia. You control the great estates from where its famous cavalry comes, as well as the tough but unruly men from the hills that fill the ranks of its resplendent infantry. It is you that has taken control of the land which made it even possible for the Seleukidoi and Ptolemaioi to attain the position they have now. Why should they not be subservient to your majesty? The majesty of the Makedonian king? The rightful supreme ruler of the Hellenistic world as master of Alexandros’ birth ground?

All political musings aside, you are one of the great European powers, if not the greatest. From your power base in Makedonia itself, you control large tracts of the traditional Hellenistic world. Such power creates jealousy, however. As a result, your enemies are numerous. To the south, your rule in Hellas proper is contested by leagues of Hellenistic city states in the Peloponnesos as well as in Aetolia. Then there is the perpetual danger emanating from the old powers in the cities of Sparte and Athenai. All want to throw off the shackles of Makedonian rule, and to get it they want to take the rule of Korinthos and the control of the isthmus from you.

Meanwhile, your control of the Greek islands is contested by the Ptolemaioi and their hated ally, that foul city of Rhodes and its statue built of the remains of your father’s siege weapons. They want control of the city of Mytilene on Lesbos, which grants you control of the Thrakian Bosporos and the northern Aigaion.

To the north, there remain the perpetual threats of the Thraikians and the Illyrians, who are still more than ready to come through the mountain passes and raid your lands. To the west, there is a growing power which has already managed to take control of the Hellenistic cities of Megale Hellas. These Romaioi have even managed to defeat a descendant of Alexandros himself! Perhaps they have their hungry eyes directed to your domains as well. What to do against such numerous enemies?

While developing naval strength is a possibility, your infantry is the core of the Makedonian army. Basic hoplite soldiers from the older Hellenic cities under your control are available as are the better equipped sarissa-bearing soldiers, of varying levels of ability and training, for which Makedon is so well-known. The best Makedonian pikemen are, of course, the famous Argyraspidai, or "Silver Shields". Their armor is better and their training is more thorough and they will hold the line in tough situations. You can supplement these with the most elite soldiers, trained in your best barracks, the Hypaspistai. They have shorter spears and function like traditional hoplites except for their mobility and mail armor. They are some of the toughest and most versatile soldiers available to any army in the ancient world, but they are also some of the most costly to train and maintain. Other foot units such as the Thureophoroi are still somewhat experimental and use the almond shaped thureos shield, behind which they attack with javelins and then their short swords. The infantry is also supplemented by inexhaustible supplies of javelin-throwing Akontistai, traditional slingers, Greek archers, higher classed skirmishers known as Peltastai, and even Thrakian Peltastai, which are extremely common and very useful. Following a proud tradition, the Makedonian cavalry are not significantly changed from the days when Alexandros led their charges. Thrakian light cavalry is very effective and mobile, but the men of Thessalia are among the best that the Makedonians are able to muster, trained from birth as they are in fighting on horseback. Alexandros' Hetairoi cavalry were the elite of the Makedonian horse though, and they still are, carrying their twelve foot lances and heavy armor.

Will you be able to lead these proud soldiers to the same lengths as their ancestors that served Philippos and Alexandros? Will you be able to reestablish Makedonian hegemony over Europe and keep Ptolemaic influence out of the Aigaion? Perhaps you will even be able to avenge your father by tearing down that accursed statue of the Rhodians! There are a great many ways to go, oh king. Choose wisely. There is a fine line to walk between success and failure.