Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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Koinon Hellenon

History Units

A strong commercial and agricultural activity, experienced mercenary armies and a powerful and advanced navy have been sufficient to keep our nation secure and prosperous for centuries. But now new challenges arise. An expansionist and warlike city from the italian peninsula is rising and they respect no treaties you may have made with them in the past. Their vast manpower resources and their resolute determination in expanding their empire, even if that implies capturing lands and resources from former allies by means of war, may throw our prosperous nation and colonies very shortly into a prolonged conflict.

In order to prevail if such confrontation occurs, you have to be strong and ready for total war. Access to powerful mercenary armies which your coffers can afford are still plenty. Battle-hardened, agile and extremely skilled sword infantry as well as fast and experienced light and heavy cavalry from Iberia; devastating and highly ranged slinger units from the Balearic Islands; swift and javelin-armed expert light cavalry from Numidia and fearless Celtic warriors from Southern Gaul and Northern Italy are available to complement perfectly with your highly trained african phalanxes, elite heavy cavalry and terrifying trained war elephants. To command so diversified armies, you have at your services some of the brightest and most experienced generals to have ever walked on earth. However, if you are to engage in such prolonged conflict with such a vastly outnumbering foe in terms of manpower, even your rich coffers may falter. You have to prepare your country not only to field specific elite units but also large, reliable and battleworthy standing armies if you are to prevail.

It is also advisable to strengthen and extend your peace and trade treaties throughout the mediterranean to military ones and, most important of all, to unite your own people under your leadership, struggling together towards the ultimate cause, the prosperity of the Kart-Hadastim.
As mentioned, the Romani are our enemy or will be soon. They are at war with the Greek kingdom of Epeiros and our spies say they have the advantage. The Romani will turn their eyes to us soon, and you should prepare our army in Elymia for war. The Romani might not be as rich as us, but their soldiers are better trained and disciplined than ours. Although the Romani are not our only neighbours we should worry about. The Ptolemaioi to the east are among the few in the world who can say they are as rich as us and not be accused of lying. We trade with them, and as you know with trade comes gold and rumours. Should they hear we are in trouble they will send soldiers across the desert, but not for aid. Should they be in trouble though, we could do the same! Closer to home, we also have the Numidians to the east, a nuisance at best and a threat at worst. They have no council or tyrant to rule them, but their petty kings might attack us from time to time. Taking a more drastic measure against them might be appropriate should they pose a threat. In Iberia our colonies are bringing us much wealth, but wealth attracts warlords and troublemakers. The Iberians who live north of our colonies are disunited and under no strong ruler, but rumours are trickling in from the mountains that some of the tribes are starting to form closer bonds. Do not disregard these rumours. The Iberians might be savages, but warlike savages who often serve in our armies and serve well too. Should you invade them, remember that it is their land you fight on and they are expert ambushers. And they will unite against any invader.

Rule wisely, young general, and victory shall be undoubtly ours!!