Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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Arche Seleukeia








Koinon Hellenon

History Units

Mighty Pharaoh, son of Ptolemaios who was the most trusted friend and general of Megas Alexandros. Your father seized for himself the mightiest lands of his general's empire, and wrought it into a mighty empire of his own - bequeathing it to you. By the might of his sword and his keen mind, your word is law along the length of the Nile, and the Western lands of the Pheoniceans and Judeans, and among the Northern islanders. Your rule is over the most prosperous land of Africa, and is the new home of a great rising of Greek thought, centered around Alexandria. But it is also a time of war; with the treacherous Seleukids, and the reckless Diadochoi of Megas Alexandros.

Your command is over one of the finest heavy phalangitai in the world, manned by a loyal corps of Greeks and Macedonians, attracted by your benevolent law. These men are supplimented by levies of the resettled Galatians and the conquored Judeans, forming their own light phalanx and auxiliaries. Though all of your land respect and admire your rule, those of the Nile are still as of yet wary of the approaching Hellenic armies and are still unreliable as anything but skirmishers. You can also hire Ethiopians from the lands south of Nubia as shock infantry, assured of their loyalty, as they share no ties with the Nubians and native Egyptians. But do not ignore the sea; Egyptians, Phoenicians and Kypriotai have since the time of Odysseus navigated the waters with ease. To control the waves of the eastern Mediterranean, is to control the whole coast.

Our position is strong and enviable. The mighty Neilos is our source of income, and must be protected accordingly. We have neighbours on all sides, but none of them trustworthy. To the South are the unruly Nubians, laden with the treasure of their gold mines; and the Karthadasti to the West, rich from their stock in the world's trade. To the North are the Antigonid Makedonians, who threaten to sweep across the independent Hellenes, to fragment your power among them. Finally to the East, is the great Seleukid behemoth, ever ready to amass and traverse the Sinai to our heartland.

The Seleukids claim that they are the true heirs to Alexandros, but their falsehoods are clear, as are those of their rivals. The flood of the Nile shall send our armies forth, to crush the false heirs of Zeus-Ammon's son