Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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History Units

At the end of the world, there is a great people. Far removed from the wars of the Mediterranean sea, the steppes, and far off deserts, they wage their own war. Your people are among the most fearsome in all of the known world, and you know this. They came to these islands and crushed, displaced, or flatly annihilated the old people; broke them utterly. They are poets, and traders, and miners, but most of all, they are warriors. The people of the islands cry to you. They want a leader. They want some one to direct them, to lead them to great things. They want you, and who are you to deny them? This land is your right, it is the right of anyone strong enough to take it. Would you let the petty lesser tribes put you down before your chance for greatness?

The British tribes have always fought as skirmishers and ambushers, with only the rare field engagement. While this is fine for petty tribal conflicts, a potential emperor of the Britons cannot focus on this forever. He must be decisive and swift, and build a real army, not an amalgam of petty warbands. But you are the ruler of the Casse, and they have long been the most militaristic fore-thinking of the Britons. They are descended from Gauls, and employers of Gallic tactics; with planning, Britain will easily be attained, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Britain is rich; rich with tin, and silver, and copper, and livestock of all kind. A large, well funded army is quite possible, with all of the island under your yoke. The southern tribes provide the strongest, heaviest soldiers. They are the best trained, the best equipped, and the best disciplined tribes. The midlanders are more wild, lightly armored at best, but available in great number, and are relatively inexpensive, making them a good asset for overcoming an enemy by number. In the far north lay the remaining peoples. Caledonians are without remote concept of civilization. Abhorrent even to the other Britons, they are maniacs in many ways, and completely disorganized. However, they are brave. If nothing else, Caledonians are an effective shock force, and fairly disturbing to an enemy. You must rely on infantry and foot soldiers. Your cavalry is scarce and weak, and chariots are expensive. You must organize units of champions, brave warriors, who will encourage your other men to continue to fight. Britons are brave, but sometimes practicality of a situation overcomes them. Seeing great warriors of their people continue to fight will spur them on though, but champions expect compensation.

To become high king and forge a real empire, uniting Britain will be the foremost part of your early reign. The Britons are pleased to serve a powerful king, so you must show military strength. However, they also expect acumen in business matters; Britain has always been made rich by trade with distant foreign powers, and they have come to enjoy their lifestyle. You are not ready for wars with any major powers. Not yet, anyway. It may be humbling, but you are, after all, only a very small kingdom. Conquest of all of the British Isles will provide you with an easily defended enclave, which will produce great amounts of money, with proper trade agreements, and a large population from which to pool a great army of conquest. Invading mainland Europe will not be easy, but if one takes advantage of the constant wars there; attacking weakened enemies in Gaul or Germania, you can secure an easily reinforced stronghold on the mainland, and expand from there. However, this assumes everything goes to plan, and no one turns a covetous eye on your wealth. Germans are strong, brave, and numerous, and Gauls have great soldiers and relentless leaders. Further off are the ambitious Romans, Carthaginians, and the hearty Hellenic peoples, who already know the value of the island from centuries of trade. The task is daunting, to say the least, but you are not a leader of common men. You are king of the most fierce warriors, wisest clerics, and greatest champions on the whole of the planet. You are the rightful king of all of Britain, and your people deserve an empire. Their lives have been endless strife and toil at war. They deserve an empire to reflect the greatness of their achievements. As your glorious ancestors drove the wretched men who once inhabited the island from it, as they had destroyed them, so must you destroy your enemies. You must be vicious, you must be relentless, and utterly break every enemy to your will. Your people deserve peace, and peace will only be had when your enemies submit to your rule. Again, king of the Casse, I ask you, who are you to deny them?