Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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History Units

Epeiros, "the Mainland", the home of "wintry Dodone", the famed Molossian hounds, and of course, Pyrrhos. The regional tribes were formed into a strong state in the fourth century, led by their Molossian king. Conquests in Italy and an alliance with Rome were of little help when their great king Alexandros was killed in 330. Now another king has unified Epeiros and had great successes pacifying the Illyrians, and in battle in Italy and Sicily. Pyrrhos held much of Southern Italy and then took control of the island of Sicily except for two strongholds at the north and west. But he abandoned his hopes of conquering the island, his mother's homeland, and after a defeat at the hands of a Roman consular army he has taken his main force back to Hellas and pushed the Macedonians all the way to the coasts of the Aegean.

Pyrrhos' military forces are modeled on the Successor armies of Makedon. Heavy phalanx infantry are the core with a strong reliance upon mercenary troops which include Gallic warbands, Kretan archers, Italiote hoplites, Tarentine cavalry, and many others. Heavy Successor cavalry units as well light javelin cavalry are available, and of course, heavily armored Indian elephants, one of the most recognizable features of the army of Pyrrhos, are at your disposal, as are mechanai of Hellenic siege craft.

While your army is strong, and your position is sound, one misstep could bring your empire crashing to the ground. The kingdom of Epeiros is at a crossroads. Do you double your efforts and attempt to push the Makedonians into the Aegean from their coastal possessions at Pella and Demetrias? You are already at war and have claimed the title of "King of Makedonia" and need only drive them from the north. Their possessions in southern Hellas are more problematic though. The memory of Sicily is but a fleeting dream, and it will take much effort if you are to resume your great plan to seize the entire island. Your control in southern Italy even is in danger of succumbing to the further aggression of Rome, with whom you are at war, unless you act strategically to solidify your position or give up your last stronghold there. The Illyrian tribes to your north are strong and wild, but more effort in bringing them under your control could do much to strengthen your kingdom for further campaigns elsewhere and their help has brought great benefits to you in the past. Finally you have just been invited by a deposed king of Sparta to help him take control of the Peloponnese, though you are not openly hostile towards them. Seizing Thermon to the south and the wealth and prestige the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi grants should be an early goal, but do you dare to lead your army past the Makedonians in Korinthos and take on Makedon and the Spartans there as well? The choice is yours. But a word to the wise: "Stay away from Argos!"