Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome: Total War
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Wes thu hailaz, Frawjon!

Hwat! We, erloz (earls) and karloz (freemen) of the Swboz have raised you upon the shield to be both the Druhtinaz (King) of the tribes and the Harjanaz (General) of the troops in this time of greatest need. Your noble birth traces a path of lineage to the old gods, and the elders of our people expect leadership equal to your ancestors. The brave warbands shall follow you eagerly in search of glory and plunder, so long as your luck holds fast in the surge of battle, and your sword arm remains lively.

Our great tribal confederation stands tall on the brink of wealth and glory, but also danger stands against us from all sides to check our advance. Across the great river Rn in the West, lie the rich and fertile lands of the Walhoz. These people are strong warriors and well-armed, but they have grown soft with easy living and are torn by their own rivalries. And over the mountains to the south, trade brings rumors that the city-dwelling people of Rumo - are growing ever stronger. At some point we should consider reforming our military, expanding warbands from marauding to occupation by gathering those warriors composing others' army, levied and plentiful, so that we might make our neighbors' fertile lands our own.

But we must also keep our mind on other concerns more close at hand. Our tribes, the Samanonz, the Markamannoz, the Wenjoniloz and the Ermundeurjoz, to name only a few of our mighty confederation, are mighty amongst the peoples of the North, but our ancient rivals look upon our success with jealous eyes. The Heruskoz are a proud tribe and would be happy to usurp our status, if we were to give them such an opportunity. Though short of our numbers, they have proven themselves fierce warriors in the past, and there is no reason to believe they would not relish the opportunity to demonstrate it once more. Their threat to us would be particularly heightened should they make common cause with the Habukoz or the Hattoz. Perhaps it would be wise for us to make the first move and bring all three of these tribes into our federation, either by reason or the sword.

And there are other threats further afield. The peoples of Skndz are stirring and with the Rugiz and Gutanz among them could threaten us from north and east if not prepared. And there are more rumors, men who say that a great wandering army from amongst the Kembroz will march through our lands and bring war and fire to the far off lands beyond mountain and river. Subduing these dangerous warriors would secure us against attacks from the North and bring us farther along the coastlands where ample booty lay waiting for plunder.

With our flanks secured, there are warm rich lands to the west and south for our warbands to conquer. We lack not for courage, strength, nor wisdom in war, by the will of Tiwaz; and what we lack in arms and armor we will remedy with the plunder and conquest. With the blessings of the gods, good judgment and cunning strategy, our borders might stretch to encompass the whole of our raiding territories, and become the richest lands any have ever seen. Our warriors rend themselves impervious to harm or defeat through faith and courage. Who among our enemies would stand against us when we fear not even death?

Circumstance and the beckoning call for glory has played our fate into your able hands, shape it as you will.