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Why should there be an end to the fighting?

It is true that, after generations of struggle, our horses now graze on most of the lands the Scythians once called their own and that we rule over a large territory. We now count the time it takes to travel across it in months and our people and herds prosper, but the great steppe still extends beyond our dominions. There are yet more pastures to win for our flocks to grow even larger, and there live peoples not unlike us, who build no cities and dwell in wagons and tents. They also wage war as we do, largely on horseback with most as swift mounted archers that no foot troops will ever catch and some also wearing armor and wielding spears. Those will not be easy battles, but a strong ruler could bind those peoples to him and command an immense host of riders: an army such as has never been seen before.

Yes, merchants must now travel through our lands to carry their wares from east to west and from north to south and from such trading we have grown wealthier than our fathers. However, the traders still finish their journeys in the cities of the Yavanas, the Greeks, on the seashore at our southern border. All trade eventually goes there and their dwellers are rich beyond measure from it. They drink wine every day if they so wish and own all sorts of luxuries: fine pottery and bright arms and armors. What warriors would not follow a lord with such wealth at his command? How great would be the fame of such a leader?

East or west, north or south. In the end, will it matter where we ride first? Wherever we go, there will still be other lands, other nations beyond: the land of Hayasdan and the kingdoms of the Yavanas and then others whose names we do not yet know. Regions said to be even richer, fertile and of mild climate, abundant in streams and grazing. There is no man in our tribes who is not eager to please the God of War, whose name is not to be spoken aloud and whom we see in the naked sword, by winning fame and fortune through war and battle. Why, then, not let the dragon standards fly forever? Why not ride until the seas deny us passage? As long as there are riches and glory to be won and land upon which horses can gallop, why should there be an end to the fighting?